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Snagged a Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo

by | May 16, 2019 | Drones

I’ve owned the 3DR Solo drone for over a year and have truly enjoyed it—it’s still an amazing drone and super fun to fly. Even though in theory I have no major issues with the 3DR, I did find myself wishing I had a smaller rig for travel, hikes, and events. That’s the short story to how I landed with the Mavic Pro Platinum.

Meet the Mavic Pro Platinum

A compact yet powerful drone. I’ve been surprised by the Mavic Pro’s ease of flight, stability (given its smaller size), portability and video/photo quality.

Mavic Pro vs. 3DR Solo

Get Ready. Set. Go!

Compared to the 3DR Solo, the Mavic Pro’s ability to acquire satellites, lock GPS location and ready itself for a safe flight is likely one of the great ‘improvements’ I didn’t consider before my purchase but perhaps one of the greatest features.

Another improvement over the 3DR Solo that I’ve realized is overall flight distance—which I haven’t fully tested on the Mavic Pro. Now, while the 3DR will go as far as I’d probably ever really need to, it sure is nice having the ability to go a bit further in certain areas with the Mavic Pro. 


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