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6 Sermons That Have Changed My Life Forever

by | Jan 1, 2019 | Ministry

Over the years, I’ve heard hundreds of sermons and all of them have had a part in crafting the child of God and man I am today. In all honesty, the most life-changing sermons preached were preached by my grandfather and bishop, James H. Caldwell and my current pastor Nathan Akers. However, most of their sermons are on tape/CD and not easily accessible on YouTube currently.

The purpose of this post is really to share some of the greatest life-changing sermons that I’ve heard in the past 8 years or so that you, the reader, can access easily online. Most of these I’ve listened to more than 5 times mainly because they have such a strong, impacting message that simply cannot be all consumed one time through.

While I appreciate each of these men of God for following the anointing to preach these masterpieces, I give GOD all the glory, for these men are only the mouthpiece to the voice of God.

Trophies of Hell – TG McNeely

A friend of mine, Henry Flores, shared this message with me several years ago and I must tell you, it truly changed my life forever. I don’t say that lightly. This anointed timepiece echoes in my heart often. The story T.G. McNeely shares about his father will shake you, stir you and change you.

This message is focused on those in ministry, however, anyone listening will benefit from this great Word of God.

Amnon Had a Friend – Jerry Jones

I highly encourage everyone from every age range to listen to this message from Rev. Jerry Jones. Rev. Jerry Jones takes you down cold path love story and the reality of Amnon (son of David) and Tamar (daughter of David).

The Miracle is Looking for a Vessel – Jeff Arnold

I’ve tuned into this message time and time again. I don’t like the idea of saying one message better than the other, for it’s all God’s Word, but the level of impact this message has had on my life, my mind, and my ministry couldn’t be measured even if I tried.

Coming Out of the Cave – Rev. Jeff Arnold

Another masterpiece from Bro. Arnold.

Your First Night in Hell – Rev. JT Pugh

Get ready for this one; it’ll change your life forever!


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